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The local authority must set out in their Local Offer an authority-wide description of the educational and training provision children and young people with SEN or disabilities can expect to be provided from the funding provided to providers of relevant early years education, schools and the full range of post-16 providers in their area.

Schools have additional duties under the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. Schools must publish more detailed information about their arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for pupils with SEN. The information must also include information about the arrangements for the admission of disabled pupils, the steps taken to prevent disabled pupils from being treated less favourably than other pupils, the facilities provided to assist access for disabled pupils and the schools’ accessibility plans.

The school-specific information should relate to the school’s arrangements for providing a graduated response to children’s SEN. It should elaborate on the information provided at a local authority wide level in the Local Offer. To comply with the new code of practice, all schools need to publish details of their individual offer of support for children and young people with SEND, in line with the expectations of the local authority, from 1st September 2014.

For information regarding Barnsley Council’s local offer, please visit:



At Oakhill Primary Academy, excellence is achieved through the delivery of an inclusive curriculum, taught in a modern, well-resourced and stimulating environment by passionate, gifted and highly committed teachers and staff. We do not impose glass ceilings on children’s learning and we see every child, not for what they are but what they CAN be. All children are encouraged to reach their potential, regardless of their gender, religion, culture, ethnicity and abilities. In order to achieve this, the school is committed to working in partnership with parents in order to put a provision in place around the child that best meets their needs.

What do I do if I think my child or young person may have special educational needs?

At Oakhill Primary Academy we are committed to ensuring that children who need additional support are quickly identified and have their needs assessed and met in a timely fashion. If you think your child may have special educational needs, you should, in the first instance, discuss your concerns with your child’s class teacher, as many problems can be simply resolved and overcome in this way. If you have further concerns you can make an appointment with Mrs Jo Gibbons so that your concerns can be shared. Initially, an informal meeting would take place – please contact Mrs Jo Gibbons on 01226 284493 to make an appointment.

What support will there be for my child of young person’s overall well –being and social, emotional and behavioural development?

Oakhill Primary Academy ensures that all staff receive up to date training and that there are designated staff to deal with pastoral care. Senior Leaders support the Director of SEND and we have a family support worker to ensure that all children feel safe and supported and can access their learning in spite of any pastoral issues.

How will the school help children and young people transfer to the next phase of education?

Oakhill Primary Academy has ever improving arrangements for pupil’s transition to High School. This year, most Year 6 pupils took part in a 2- week early transition to their new school. Year 7 leaders visit the school to talk to class teachers about the children with the intention of ensuring continuity of provision. At Oakhill Primary Academy, we provide PSHE sessions which focus on change and the transition to another setting. We recognise that the move to Secondary School is a time of great worry for some children and we do whatever we can to ensure that the move is comfortable and reassuring.

How are parents and carers involved in the school?

Oakhill Primary Academy uses many ways of ensuring that parents can be involved in school and are informed about the learning that is taking place not only in their own child’s class but right across school. School newsletters are updated weekly. The school calendar provides parents with key calendar dates and parents are invited to contact the school via the school email admin@oakhillacademy.org.uk should they have any queries at any point.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer in school, usually as a way of enabling children to carry out extra reading sessions and in class support. We hold Coffee Mornings which allow parents to share their views about aspects of the school as set out in agendas directed by the headteacher. Additionally, parents can come into Celebration Assemblies each Friday at 2.30pm to see and celebrate the children’s learning events throughout the week.

Who can I contact for further information?

If you are interested in applying for a school place for your child, please contact Admissions at Barnsley Council on 01226 773670/ 01226 773689.

To make an appointment to discuss concerns or queries regarding your child in school with relation to SEND, please contact the SENCo, Mrs Jo Gibbons, on 01226 284493.
In order to find out more information regarding other support services, Barnsley Parent Partnership can be contacted on 01226 773377 or Email: parentpartners@barnsley.gov.uk or the SEN Team on 01226 773966 Address: SEN team, Gateway Plaza, PO Box 634, Barnsley S70 9GG.

A copy of our SEND policy can be found on the policies section of our site