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Term Dates

3rd November – Year 6 Crucial Crew Visit
5th November – Heads Tea Party
7th November – Extreme Readers Trip
15th November – Children In Need
20th and 21st November – Parent Consultations
28th November – BPP High 5/Basketball Tournament
12th December – Christmas Fair
13th December – FS Sign-a-long and Christmas Jumper Day
16th December – KS1 Performance
17th December – KS2 Performance
18th December – Christmas Church Visit and Christmas Dinner
19th December – Christmas Party Day
20th December – 1pm finish for Carols around the Tree!

Merry Christmas!

Additional inset days for the school year 2019/2020- 

2nd/3rd September 2019
25th October 2019
6th January 2020
7th February 2020
20th July 2020

Additional inset days for the school year 2020/2021

4th January 2020
1st September 2020
2nd September 2020
4th January 2021
19th July 2021
20th July 2021

If you would like to recieve a paper copy, please don't hesitate in visitng the school office who will be happy to help!