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Oakhill Primary Academy School Council

There are two children from each Ks2 class that comprise the School Council.  Any class member can choose to stand for election as part of our democratic process.  Candidates consider why they want to represent their class, the skills they possess in order to do a good job and what things they would like to accomplish: they then present to their class!  Children vote for the two candidates of their choice.  Appointees all receive a confirmation of appointment letter with congratulations to take home to their parents.

The School Council members receive training on the purpose of the Council and can also put themselves forward for additional responsibilities.  They learn about the role of the Chairperson and Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Principal Publicist.  Around the table, candidates speak about their reasons for putting themselves forward and are voted for by their peers.

The Council receives training about how it can operate successfully.  They learn about the use of an agenda, the importance of taking minutes and how to lead a useful Class Council meeting.  They consider the importance of listening, turn-taking and valuing views and opinions that may be different to their own.  Furthermore, members hear about the successful work done by previous School Councils.  The Chair and Principal Publicist visit KS1 classes following the completion of the minutes of each meeting to provide information and collect any further information to pass on in future meetings.

The School Council is often requested to undertake particular jobs by the Head of School and Academy Leadership Team.  The School Meals Service has also worked closely with the Council to complement the service they provide.

A display board serves to show everyone photographs of the Council members    
Current School Council Membership and Roles


School Council Meeting Membership

2017 - 2018

Elections undertaken during first half-term



Year 6 - Birch

Evie Bates
Bradley McNamara

Year 5 - Sycamore

Charlotte Jones
Isaac Clegg

Year 5 - Ash

Emily Fitzpatrick
Riley Turton

Year 4 - Maple

Isabelle Hawke
Oscar Thompson

Year 3/4 - Chestnut

Millie Goodyear
Harrison Wilson

Year 3 - Cedar

Joel Donoghue
Lilly Gorman

Year 2 - Juniper

Daniel Ward
Ivy Cunliffe

Year 1/2 - Beech

Kasey Allen
Samuel Brown

Year 1 - Holly

Isla Clegg
Bradley Rennison