Oakhill Primary Academy

  • Doncaster Rd, Ardsley, Barnsley, S71 5ag
  • 01226 284493
  • 01226 785297

About Us  »  Ethos and Values

Our school is a place where...

Children feel safe, secure and happy within a caring ethos.

A climate of mutual trust values all members of the school community.

A culture of celebration encourages pride in personal contribution.

Children enjoy challenge and learn through first-hand experience.

There is no fear of failure.

We have high expectations, high standards, and high aspirations for what, together, we can achieve.

Children make choices, are confident and express their own points of view.

Individuals develop a positive self-image, a positive self-esteem and a positive sense of their own achievement.

Children are independent learners.

Children are collaborative learners.

Children succeed.

"You have brains in head
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself in any
Direction you choose!"
Dr Seuss